February 25, 2012

vomit, urine and A LOT OF TEARS!

first a warning this post is gonna have a lot of TMI in it! but Its my blog and I can write what I want to so feel free to read on or not lol. Hope you have a strong stomach!

So last night I was feeling very very gross the night before I had thrown up all my chipotle burrito that was amazing but gross coming up to the point that it will be a while before I eat there again! So pretty much all day yesterday I was feeling very gross and throwning up which I really don't mind because Its for a good reason Hello Baby growing inside of me! Its not my favorite part of being pregnant thats for sure but the fact that i'm pregnant and throwning up wouldn't have it anyother way :)  so yesterday all I wanted to eat was Hot Dogs for any of you who know me...I don't like Hot Dogs I don't say hey lets make hot dogs for dinner or what not...but Target has amazing all beef Hot Dogs that are amazing. which i'm sure they are pregnancy amazing because if i wasn't preggers I'm sure they would taste like any other hot dog. so then we made a trip to sams club for some nathans hot dog which was delicious as well for dinner. but it still didn't make my nauseaness go away so Were heading to bed and I'm just laying in bed after already going pee multiple times in a 15 min time frame of course :) lol and then it hit me I better go pee again cause i'm gonna barf really soon so I did. and then like 2 minutes later I start to barf and this one is a bad one its a splashy barf *gross* yes I know so i'm barfing and getting splashed by it and then....My bladder decides to have a mind of its own and while i'm barfing I start to wet my pants! and there is nothing I can do about it with every force of barf I pee I was sooo imbarassed!! so i'm done barfing and thats when the tears come! Here I am sitting on the floor of the bathroom infront of the toilet i smell like throw up cause its all on my face and chest and I have made a puddle on our bathroom rug and I can't stop the tears I'm crying majorly! Lance comes in and is like honey whats wrong and I tell him between sobs that I peed my pants and have vomit on me and I did not what him to see me like that and he in his sweet voice says honey thats okay. and continues to tell me that everything is okay and i'm a sobing mess! so I clean up the bathroom and get in the shower and feel terrible and so emotional and realize i'm pretty sure I just had my pregnancy emotional breakdown ! Pregnancy does such weird things with your emotions and my sweet hubby was such a trooper and after I layed back down in bed he put his hand on my tummy and asked if I was okay and then just held his hand there. :) I wonder often how in the world I got sooo lucky to have Lance in my life and as my Husband. He is Amazing!


Stephanie C. said...

Oh no! I'm sorry Brittany! The good news is that you'll probably stop throwing up in a few weeks!! You're almost out of your first trimester!! I actually peed my pants last night for the first time. Joseph was tickling me and the next thing I knew I was peeing! I didn't even feel it coming! I was sort of hoping that it was my water breaking but no such luck. The emotional break downs got better for me during my 2nd trimester, but came back during my 3rd. I had a pretty big one yesterday over a tortoise that Joseph got. During my 1st trimester I used to go into the bathroom stalls at work and cry as quietly as possible. LOL. Probably the worst emotional break down I had lasted several days. It was because I bought baby bedding and when it came in the mail I HATED IT! I cried and cried and cried. Then I couldn't figure out what I wanted to do in the nursery and cried and cried some more. LOL. Just remember that everything will work out. :) I'm so glad that you have a supportive hubby who loves you so much! It makes everything so much easier when your hubby cares. We're luck :)

Wendi and Matt said...

There is acupressure points to help with sickness and vomiting. Its helped me when not pregnant but haven't tried it during pregnancy. Also, ginger is amazing!! I drank ginger ale soda and it totally helps but tea, candy, pill, anything ginger OR lemon help! Good luck! I'm so happy and excited for you! Pictures soon!

Here's the link to acupressure:

Amy J said...

I feel for you girl! I peed my pants almost every time I threw up when I was preggo with both my girls, which was a lot! You lose all bladder control! I'm going to try out a seaband tonight to see if it helps with the morning sickness. I've heard good things about them, might be worth trying them out. Good luck girl, I hope this passes soon, until then, I love that attitude and perspective you are keeping. It will be worth it and it's all a good sign!