June 7, 2011

Song that Makes you Happy

This song Makes me oh so very Happy!! My sister and I use to Jam out to this song when we needed a pick me up and just feel good!  I can still remember putting the cd in the player and singing in the mirror with my older sista Kristy and just feeling good and its so silly but in those moments with my sister cause believe me it happen often! I felt so close to her as if our souls were singing to eachother.. I know silly and it probably makes me sound crazy but It was special to me . I love my Sisters and am very grateful for the time I got to share with My sister Kristy before i moved out of the house  she got married. yeah this song makes me HAPPY :)Visit Ashlee's Blog to see her song choice


Ashlee G. said...

what a fun song!

McGee said...

Yeah this song just has a way of making you smile and happy :) i love it!