June 14, 2011


So packing is sooo much fun! NOT.... packing up our apartments were easy we lived in small apartments and i remembered mostly how i packed things up, offfice bathroom, bedroom kitchen.....well now we have lived in our House for 3 years! i have 2 living rooms, office guest bedroom with closet, craft room, 2 bathrooms and a master bedroom, and we are moving out of state!! so i have to get  things in order of what are we taking what are we storing what are we selling what are we getting rid of....feeling just a little overwhelmed because i wish i was magic like sabrina the teenage witch and could just point to the things and get them taken care of! oh how wonderful that would be! i just wish it was all packed and ready to go already! haha not that i'm in a hurry to leave AZ or Maricopa because i'm not...but I am ready to start our new adventure and begin the first step to Lance's career!.... I am so proud of Lance and his great accomplishments! we have changed degrees many times  but i am so glad he has found something he is happy with and very excited with! He too is ready for school he just wants to get it started the sooner you start the sooner you finish! 

I can't believe how fast its going to go by before i know it its going to be August and we will be moving and i'm sure i'll be thinking where did the time go!! It came so fast! so i'm enjoying everyday and thanking Hevenly Father for our beautiful home and for letting us make such wonderful friends here in Maricopa.

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Stacie Lou said...

We're moving too! You never seem to realize how much you have until you move. But it is so nice to have a fresh start. Congratulations!