June 11, 2011

Reminds you of a certain event

It all started when my sister Nikki was going to get married and move out the night obefore she got married My sister Kristy and I  got our fake microphones ya know a brush and a turkey baster (sp?)  and in our room danced and sang this song to her of course by the end all three of us were dancing and singing and cryingthen in a big hug crying!! knowing this was the end of a chapter in our lives  where us sisters were just sisters we were still Dad and mom's little girls and we all lived in the same house under the same roof and still had to answer to mom and dad ...this is what we wond't to leave with our sister and ever since then on the night before we each got married us sisters spent the night  at my parents house one last time and  me and nikki sang this song for kristy and then kristy and nikki sang and danced for  me for the last time were could do this for us sisters since i was the last to get married... but now when i hear this song i think of those 3 memories of singing and dancing with my sisters on the night before we got married

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