November 23, 2011


My last pie is in the oven as I am typing this and I am so ready for bed! I am Sooo excited for tomorrow! Thanksgiving! My Favorite Holiday! Its the best! :)

 I am so grateful for family traditions! every thanksgiving my Family runs in the Mesa Turkey Trot! :) Tomorrow morning I am waking up and even though I am 1000 miles away I am running my own Turkey Trot! :) I'm pretty excited but wish I could be there with my family!! :( but Its all good.

Thanksgiving always makes me think of the things I am grateful for. which in turn make me think of the things and people I love!! I am so grateful to have been raised by my parents! They are such amazing people and wonderful examples! I am so grateful for all the triathlons I got to run with my Dad growing up and looking back now I wish I would have made a bigger deal out of it and actually trained with my Dad ect... but I loved that he would sign me up with him before asking me if I wanted to :) especially cause I probably would have sad no lol But I am grateful for the time my Mom gave us kids growing up and her hardwork to keep our house functioning and our home a place where I felt peace and Love. and for her yummy meals! ( I Miss her dinners! lol)

My Sisters! I have such Great Sisters including in-laws! I consider all my Sister " In Laws" My own sisters! They seriously are the Greatest! I miss them A LOT!! I miss talking To Alli all the time about anything and everything and living just down the street from her. That was so much FUN! I have come to realize that I really want to live within walking distance to a family members house. My Sisters are the best lol! I was the youngest and they always included me in Everything even when I was the bratty younger sister who got on everyone's nerve.

My Brother and Brother In Law's for growing up with only one brother ( 11 years difference) I am sooo grateful that we are as close as we are! Maybe its the California Blood but We just get eachother. I love him tons and am soo honored to be his Sister. My sisters have married such wonderful men as well and I am so glad they are apart of my family! I also married into wonderful brothers! they are the best! so much fun to be around! I miss them all soo much!! Who Dat!! ;)

My wonderful Mom and Dad McGee who I don't consider my in laws because they have truely made me feel like one of their own. When I talk about them I forget to clearify that they are my in law's so people get confused lol It was sooo easy to call them Mom and Dad and I am soooooooo grateful to them for the people they are and the man they raised. They have raised such great kids! They are so sweet and kind! My Mom can make anything! she has such a wonderful talent and someday when we live closer to them I am gonna learn how to do some of her amaziness stuff! lol . My Dad is so fun and so funny to be around. He makes everything better and I am so grateful for the great example he has been to his son. especially since they are like twins! lol  I just love them so much!

My Dear friends who I have no idea what I would do if I didn't have them in my life! Moores, Ellis, Coopers, Fanny, Hallows, Ashlee, Martins, Wendi, Kiara, Deborah, Las, Cha Chi, Lindsays, Bowmans, Stefanie, Hummers.... For all of you who have kept us in your prayers during our infertility issues and hard times I appreciate it soo much! and Have felt your prayers especially during the last hard time in Aug.  You kind words and support mean more than you will ever know. I feel so blessed to have brushed shoulders with you.

saving the best for last....

Lance  My sweet amazing handsome kind considerate funny happy smart hott wonderful caring loving (this list can literly go on forever) Husband! I can't even put into words how to describe just how grateful I am know him let alone be his companion forever. In our hardest times he has never lost the faith and and has always remained so strong and hopeful! So accepting and thoughtful of me and all my woman issues. He is such a great man and I am so blessed to have him in my life and I am so grateful I went to EAC a semester early and so grateful he Elbowed my roommate in the head playing volleyball. I am so grateful that he didn't take his full ride to U of A and instead listened to the spirt and went to EA one more year! Marrying Lance was the smartest most wonderful greatest decisions  I have ever made in my life. I love him so much.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all :)

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Karissa said...

I can't tell you how much I miss you!! My life just isn't the same without you here!!! You are amazing...I'm so thankful for your friendship!!! As always--you are in our prayers daily!