November 12, 2011

5K= Success!

So today was the 5k! 2:00pm came and I got my number and shirt and I was super nervous!! I drank over a half of a Gallon of water before the 5k I wanted to be hydrated for the Race! so after a couple of stops in the ladies room and talking with Lance and I knew I wanted to do it under 40 mintues! so 3:15 came and we all started getting in line and then 3:30pm the horn went off and I was off! I started warming up by speed walking for about 2 or 3 minutes and then I started jogging! It was sooooo windy and more hills then I was expecting! and the hills were going against the wind! it was pretty tough! but I kept moving! I had no idea how far I had gone there was no signs so i started getting worried that I still hadn't hit mile 1 and I was feeling like I was when I hit 2 miles...low and behold a few feet away the 2 mile marker!! another hill and wind to fight against and I just ran up the hill...bad choice don't do that just keep with the pace you are going cause after that my legs were ON FIRE! I started to speed walk for the first time since the warm up! but only for a minute max and then back to my pace and then I saw it! The most beautiful thing to see in a Race...The Finish line balloons!!! and I was off! I started picking up my pace I was getting to close to the 40 min marker so I started to run! and then I Saw My sweet Hubby! and I looked at the clock 36 min and I ran through the finish line! Lance then told me it was 36:12 to be exact!! I was soooo HAPPY!!! I did it! and I finished under the time I wanted!! It felt AMAZING!!! I am very proud of myself! I really wish my friend Amber could have ran it with me since this was her idea but I am sooo glad I did it and that on Sept 27th I started the C25K!! Lance said he would do a 5K with me in January too!! I need to keep these things going to keep me active and focus on a goal! I want to do a 5k a 10K and a Triathlon and maybe even a half marathon next year! 2012 here I COME!! I feel very grateful too WLB too because I know I wouldn't be this far in my weight loss journey had it not been for this competion either! I AM SOOO HAPPY right now!! :) thank you also to all of you who have left comments of encouragement to me too! It helps and helped a lot today!! gosh I LOVE RUNNING!!

Before the Race I was feeling very nervous!

After I finished!! So happy it was under 40 min!!! YAY!!!

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