November 6, 2011

Baby Fix

Today I am super grateful for all the mothers who allow women like me the chanve to hold their little ones at Church:)

Today I got to watch a little girl (bishopric's baby) I think she is like 4 months old ..she is soooo super cute and was sleeping when I got her. Her mom is in nursery so I got her all to myself in Relief Society and I loved it! I got my baby fix! :) Lance and I sit on the same bench with a family who has 6 kiddos and daddy's in the bishopric so we help out with the kids and I love it!!  Their kids are great and sooo cute! We love it! It makes me feel like we have family in the ward cause we have our own bench that we sit at every week! I love it! :) So thank you to all the mothers who have let me hold their little ones I love it and I also love that it gives you a break cause lets face it...being a Mom 24/7 is  A VERY TOUGH JOB! and I love being the person who gets to watch these little ones while their parents can breath and enjoy the lesson or just not have to worry about their little ones for a little bit.  I really needed a baby fix today too! to those who are wondering what the heck a baby fix is...well let me explain for me a baby fix is when I ( a woman who doens't have her little ones to hold yet) yearn to hold a little one in my arms and look at their tiny hands and feet and look into their eyes and think wow they were just with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ in Heaven! I also wonder what they are thinking when they see me make silly faces and what not. I've got Baby Fever thats for sure! lol

I am grateful for Babies and Children and parents who let me watch and/or hold their's. :)

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