November 4, 2011

Raw Food Update

as you can see by the clicker on the right..I have 2 weeks and 4 days left of the raw food Challenge :) So far I am loving this whole raw foods thing and I know already that I will make raw crackers A LOT MORE even after the 30days is up :) even Lance says they taste good. hardest part of this challenge is that Lance isn't doing it with me so making two meals and having to smell the goodness of his yummy turkey burger or chicken or mashed potatoes and hot dogs ( he made those) I am so wishing I had the veggie super links! they are so yummy! no they aren't raw but my goodness they are yummy vegetarian hot dogs..they don't taste anything like a meat hot dog but so yummy!

Yesterday Lance said he over heard some students in his tri talking about how they are eating raw foods too and how they are starving...okay first off I already know they aren't eating enough fruits and veggies. Why I say this is because I have not once felt starving on raw foods...I also snack during meals with nuts and fruits or an avocado cause I love those :) or i eat some raw crackers plus when i make a salad its not just lettuce its spinach, tomatoes cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, avocado, I think those people who are starving need to increase veggies and fruits and get some raw nuts in there too! :) here is a picture of a snack I like to eat so yummy!

those are my raw crackers with avocado, cayanne peper, lemon juice, cumin, salt, and broth, with alfalfa sprouts( i love!!) and Spinach! sooo yummy!!!

Now being on Raw foods it changes your taste buds for sure!  I have noticed I can really taste the spinach flavor and lettuce and the veggies taste different in a really good way its hard to explain but stuff taste different so i'm not sure if all the stuff i've made really does taste good or if its just me ;)  i love food but i'm not very picky with my taste buds... but these are yummy! I am so happy for Thanksgiving and glad the 30 day challenge is over before that wonderful magical holiday! :)  its sooo cold here and feels like fall and I can't wait to eat some stuffing and pumpkin pie! :) yum! my house smells like fall today too with my yummy candles!

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