May 31, 2012

She has something in common with me!

Okay so during this whole pregnancy I've been craving and loving foods I don't usually like but Lance does...for example...Meat anything!! I always want a steak! I love Hot Dogs! I ate more wings in my 1st trimester than I did my whole life combined! lol hot and spicy foods always yummy! ( heartburn not so much but sometimes totally worth it!)  I like in cows milk like drinking a cup of weird! So basically Kensley is just like her Daddy!! Thankfully I can still eat food I love like Salad and Veggies and Fruits but this Girl craves Daddy's food! lol well Tonight something happened that was totally awesome!!

We were listening to some new country songs that I really like!! I was showing them to Lance on You Tube we starting listening to the top itunes list too and what not and Kensley started freaking out in my belly!!! tons of kicks and moving around like crazy!! Finally Lance said okay I want to feel and he put his hand on my belly where she had been kicking and sure enough Little girl started freaking out again and Daddy got to feel sweet Kensley kicking and moving like crazy! seriously the most active she has been so far! as I'm typing this us she is kicking and moving still!! I LOVE IT!!!! I can't help but get teary eyes as I think about how I've waited for what seems like forever to know how this feels! to feel life in you! to Feel my baby My sweet Daughter move inside of me! It really is the best feeling ever and I can't wait for all my friends to have this moment!!  Its moments like these that make me want time to go by slower so I can soak it all up and enjoy it! I can't believe I am 6 months preggers already I am so excited to meet this little Girl but I also want to enjoy every moment since who knows if I will have another pregnancy or how long it will be before I get to experience this a second time! So I'm soaking it up and Loving that Kensley loves Country Music Just like her Mama!! <- thats me:)


Wendi and Matt said...

Aww!! :)

Stephanie C. said...

Adelyn and Kensley are exactly alike! I drank a gallon of milk a week when I was pregnant and I wanted hamburgers ALL THE TIME! I actually started craving hamburgers as soon as got pregnant because I had my first craving about a week before I found out I was pregnant. Also! Adelyn used to love it when I listened to the Hairspray soundtrack. It was so much fun! After a while I could tell the difference between angry kicks and happy movements. Just wait until you can start playing with her in your tummy!!!! You'll poke your tummy and she'll push back. That is so much fun!!