June 13, 2012

Texas Summer

Well now I know why Arizonans say Arizona is a "Dry Heat" the other day I asked Lance to look at the humidity in AZ and TX...yeah AZ 6 percent and TX 36 Percent that was in the evening since then we have had 57% humidity! My Arizona blood is not use to this moisture and either are my ankles that like to turn into cankles especially while I was at Girls Camp!

I got the chance to attend Girls Camp this year and it was awesome! Testimony meeting night was amazing and made me again realize why we take the girls to camp in the first place! I love being back in Young  Womens!

Texas is great but holy moly summer weather here is gross! however Texas Watermelon ROCKS! every watermelon we have gotten this season has been..AMAZING!!!!!

 pregnancy update: I'm in my last week of my 2nd trimester and that is amazing to me! I am so excited to see  Kensley and hold her! I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone by and that is crazy to me! I love that I can feel her kick and move its the best part of being pregnant! Now I just need to preregister at the hospital  and take a tour soon :)

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