May 29, 2012

New Chapter

I heard this song and feel in love with it. I think of my sweetheart when I heard it.  I found a video with this song with pictures of infertility on you tube as well and it was beautiful. I haven't been posting much on my blog lately and a lot of it has to do with me not knowing what to say. I don't want to make this blog all about baby stuff but I also know that I've always made this blog about my life and that means talking about my pregnancy and baby things. However I have been scared to talk to much about it because I know how it feels to read those blogs and wonder when it will be my own turn. I realize that when my friends have gotten pregnant after infertility I've been over joyed for them and it wasn't difficult for me to be excited for them because I knew it was a long road for them. Its harder for me when its a stranger or coming from someone who has no problem or thinks the fact they tried for 3 months before they got pregnant  is difficult. So I'm hoping all you wonderful readers know I am so excited to have this baby Girl but my heart still breaks for those who are waiting for their miracle. Honestly I would love nothing more than to see my friends dreams comes true! Words can't express the heartache's that come from Infertility and I feel so blessed and so happy to be where I am right now.

I am now 24 weeks aka 6 months pregnant with our sweet daughter who we have named

Kensley Noel

We have both really loved the name Lance especially has loved the name Kensley and Noel is Lance's Grandmothers maiden name. We are fans of family names :) I told Lance how funny it is that we love the middle name Noel and have for a while and knew we wanted to use it before we got preggers but I laugh now because this little one was conceived during Christmas break...maybe its just me but I find that really funny!

Here is my 23 weeks baby bump. I haven't taken my 24 weeks picture yet that will be most likely tonight when hubby gets home from school. I am feeling great most of the time as long as I don't get to hot...when that happens I get super nauseous and yucky feeling and almost like i'm going to pass out. I have noticed I get hot very easy since I've been pregnant so I've had to really be aware of how i'm feeling since I have passed out a couple of times before ( not fun very scary!) Kensley is growing strong and measuring just like she should be :)  My next appointment is my Glucose test not looking forward to that since everyone I've talked to about it has said how nasty it tastes. I'm  not a fan of super sweet stuff especially since I've been pregnant so it will be interesting. I still can't believe I am 6 months pregnant! 3 more months to go! where did the time go!?
 Life is going great! Lance is in his 3rd trimester of Chiropractic school and has 7 to go :) I am so proud of him and how well he is doing! It amazes me how much he already knows! He has his first adjusting classed this Tri so I'm loving being his guinea pig!


Stacie Lou said...

I'm so happy for you! The glucose test wasn't too bad for me. Just tasted like a melted otter pop. I'm sure it depends on what the hospital chooses to use.

So happy to hear that Kensley is growing strong and healthy and that you are doing alright. My prayers are with you!

Elizabeth said...

Haha! I found it funny how your said Lance was in his 3rd TRIMESTER of schoo1 instead of semester. :) Baby is Really on your brain isn't it?!?? I'm happy for you guys though. Good Luck!

McGee said...

that is what makes it funny Lance's school goes by trimesters and semesters so he really was in his 3rd trimester now he is in his 4th trimester I should have explained that better lol he has 10 trimesters of school to complete before he graduates as a Doctor of Chiropractic