March 7, 2011

March Maddness...

Lance Loves March Maddness because its College Basketball so I'm sure here in a little while we will be watching ALOT of Basketball! lol

54 Days left till we Cruise!! I am so excited I can hardly stand it!! One of my Co-workers was talking about how he thought it was great that we are taking this opportunity while we have no kids to go to Europe.......I agree however please note....Those parents with those sweet little ones don't for one second think you are missing out on things because you have kids. I would trade every Vacation we have been on for A kid Any day! However life is what it is and in the situations we are in we need to enjoy and embrace it even when its hard to do so...So to all the parents who told me and Lance to enjoy the time we have together and so forth WE ARE!!:) but you can stop telling us now cause we get it and we have been enjoying it but we would really like to enjoy all poopy diapers, midnight feedings, no sleep get the picture So here is to hoping that after this amazing trip we get a surveneer that will last for a lifetime ;) lol


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