March 12, 2011

Progestrone Cream

Well Its March which is the first month my Dr. would perscribe CLOMID but I am a little scared to take it. I hate feeling moody and taking I'm useing Progestrone Cream i've read alot about it and think it will help. Last month I used it and I still Ovulated which is good cause i was really worried that after the MC it would through my PCOS out of wack but so far so good. I am tempted to go back on the HCG diet since after I was on that Lance and I got preggers but that Diet is seriously hard! lol So I figure one more month of Just Progestrone Cream next month maybe HCG and then CLOMID however I relaly wish March is our Month! cause if so the baby would be due in December! Hopefully on my Birthday!! that would be da bomb!
Last night I had a dream well it was really a dream but i was sleeping and i dreamed of the day we found out i was preggers and all those feelings I felt that excitement and joy hit me so real I woke up! It was such a bitter sweet feeling to wake up to. bitter because i don't feel that everyday like i did when i was pregnant and sweet because i got to feel that uttermost happiness again :) Next time I hope its real life and not me dreaming of days before.

I know this is random but Lance seriously is so incredible! I often wonder how I got so blessed and lucky to have him in my life as my eternal companion. He is so sweet and these years of pain and heartache he has been so sweet and kind and loving and understanding. I don't know what I would do with out him. He is totally and completely the perfect husband to me :)

with all the pain and heartache of TTC the closeness we have and the love we feel towards eachother because of this I know has made us a stronger couple and our marriage better and that is a wonderful blessing.


Wendi and Matt said...

Best of luck! Talk to me about diets I know what you mean! Ethan has allergies and it is really hard knowing that if I eat something(which I don't) that it won't hurt me later but him and its super hard. Hang in there!!! I'll be hoping for the best :]

jack+alli said...

it is hard, but worth it! SO worth it. you two are creating such a strong foundation on which to raise those sweet babies :)

Kara said...

Are you part of any groups? The BabyCenter boards I am a part of have PCOS and TTC boards where women who are going through the same thing talk and support each other. Maybe that'd be good for you?