February 28, 2011

Forever and Always...

This last weekend we got to go back to San Diego where it all began for me and Lance he Proposed to me Jan. 10th 2007 in San Diego on the carnival Cruise Port! This was the first time we as a couple were going back to San Diego! We got to see our Dearest Friends get Sealed for Time and All Eternity and it was soooo Beautiful!! They are such a cute couple and perfect for eachother it was wonderful to see them get sealed and be a Forever Family :) They are amazing!
We had fun eating yummy food and being in the Beautiful City of San Diego and on our way home we drove through Snow it was sooo weird! who knew San Diego gets snow! It was one of the best weekends ever! We got a great deal on our hotel from Priceline! I recomend that! :) This weekend just made us that much more ready for our Cruise Vacation!! Life is Good! I feel soooooo BLESSED!!

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Kara said...

Hi Brittany it's good to read your blog and catch up :) Miss you.