March 22, 2010

Its a bird, Its a Plane, Its .....POOP!!!!

Our dear sweet Friends came over Thursday night to get our Life Insurance all in order and to fill out paper work because Rustin was able to save us lots of money on it and we have better Life Insurance...Yes we have Life Insurance some might think its morbid but I like to Be prepared... like how we don't have kids but we have already asked a couple that when we do have kids and if anything were to happen to us they get our i know ya all might think its silly but I honestly think your crazy if you don't! you just never know what could happen and I would rather be prepared for it!;) but anyways as they were walking up to our house a bird flew by the front door and then flew away but not before it Pooped on Rustins face!! it was hilarious! hahahahhaha I love Rustin and Lisa! great couple! Great Friends! it was gross and so funny!

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Ginny said...

oh that is sooo gross!!! and i just found your blog! and i'm excited now that I can spy. haha. totally jk. but seriously. So we have life insurance...and funny thing is, the other day i told one of my sister's i would want her to be the one to take my kids. That's all. i don't think it's wierd :)it's so good to be never know what could happen!!!!