March 10, 2010

Cars + me= bad news

So August 2009 got into an accident...not my fault

March 2010 got into an fault:( but get this...i work at rural and southern, accident occured on mill and southern...grrrr

SERIOUSLY! I just want to ride my bike every where! my shoulder and neck are sore and i hate that! I don't like accidents!

sorry that was my venting on the good note! Lance is going to pick up infor today for Nursing School!! :)yay! i've been telling him to since Jan. all he needs is to get the finger print clearence card and then take the NET test i think is what they call it..and then he can submit his app. for shcool! woot woot! which means more then likely when he gets in it will be full time since part time is very hard to get into so we are figuring out finance's and all that fun stuff! woot woot! i'm really excited for him to get in! since his Associates degree is in pre med...its nice to know its going ot be used now! plus its nice to have him decide on his school/degree direction:) i'm excited for that!

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