March 17, 2010


ok so i know my last post was about my accident on march 8th 2010 well this is about my accident on march 16th 2010! p.s Happy 10 year Anniversary Monica and Dusty.

oh yeah this time i was in my car and some guy pulled out and hit me he got a ticket. my poor vue had to get towed to my parents house who were so kind to come pick me up! my shoulders were starting to hurt and my after a very long night of waiting for cops and tow trucks we left the accident scene at 8:40pm and i was blessed to get worked on that late before lance came in to pick me up. But seriously 8days...i'm so done with the commute! I told Lance I would carpool with the most obnoxious person in the world if that meant i wasn't the driver! lol i laugh but i am serious. i've been up since 5 tosing and turning trying to get comfortable...nothing seemed to work so i just got much for sleeping in today.

so for all of you on the Road WATCH OUT!! BE SAFE!! and don't be a jerk when your the one who caused the acccident. BE NICE!

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MarshandKrissy said...

oh Brittany!!!! Just your luck...