July 28, 2008


i am: Brittany Johnston McGee

i know: My Heavenly Father Loves me
i want: to be out of debt lol!! haha
i have: everything i've ever wanted!
i wish: i could play the piano like a pro
i hate: brousel sprouts yuck!
i fear: SNAKES!!!
i feel: completely happy:)
i hear: the tv
i smell: maricopa stank
i crave: Peanut Butter!
i search: Craigslist
i wonder: how manhy kids we will have:)...
i regret: not going skydiving on my 18th b-day
i love: LANCE!!
i care: about my family and friends!
i always: Smile ;)
i am not: as dorky as i seem...hahha NOT!
i believe: time goes by faster the older you get!
i dance: even when lance doesn't want to:)
i sing: all the time
i don’t always: say the right thing
i fight: myself to work out...totally!
i write: letters:)
i lose: my way on my way to my house...lol
i win: 95% of the time when me and lance play cribbage
i never: smoke
i listen: to my ipod
i am scared: to lose a family member
i need: to lose weight
i am happy about: My LIFE:)

1 comment:

Johnston*family said...

fun post brit. i love...you!