July 8, 2008

closing time

So we go through the house friday morning and then sign doc. at noon and then close on the 18th of July! woot woot! I am so excited! Lance laughs at me cause whenever I have the computer I look at the pictures of our new home mainly the kitchen!:) I am so excited!! These next few weeks are going to be crazy!! but I can't wait! I just hope this bug I cought will go away! SOON!


The Fish Family said...

i am SO excited that you are now blogging. it has become my main source of communicating with my friends and family. big congrats on your house. that is so awesome. and no, lance did not call me to tell me. he is probably mad at me so it is my turn to call him!! did you change your number too? i did get lance's new one but i would still need yours. when are you going back up to h-town? we need to get together sometime soon. okay, extremely long post. love ya tons, later!!!

Wendi Murray said...

i love your blog! its very cute! and i LOVE your kitchen too! haha tahts so great!

Foutz Family said...

Yeah for blogging! And we're very excited for you and your new house! :)