July 18, 2008

WE GOT KEYS!!!!!!!

We have a home!! oh my goodness oh my goodness! Its amazing! So last night we were up packing like crazy and we took my parents 15 passenger van so we could take a good size today...so we get to the house to do the final walk through and by the front and back doors there are crazy amounts of flies! trying to get into our home! It was pretty gross but we later went to ace and got spray and fly strips so I think we should be ok! while we were waiting we went to ace and just looked around and oh my goodness the feeling you get when you get that call that says you can come pick up your keys now! ah! one of the greatest feelings!:) It was awesome! So we moved some of our stuff in and tomorrow we will be moving the rest of it hopefully!:) I just can't believe we have a house! How crazy! anyways thats whats going on with us:)


Foutz Family said...

Ya!!! Happy moving!

Johnston*family said...

We are so happy for you!!! We love you so much!

Wendi Murray said...