August 11, 2008


So fun painting! Lance was so nice to help out he painted the green wall and the red stripes! it was so much fun! We are loving our new home! and hopefully soon will have a party here!:) we have been so blessed! I couldn't be happier!


Val Johnston said...

HI Britany... Yeah for you getting a house!... Your happiness just oozes from your entries!

Wish we could have seen you at the reunion!

Tyler and Heather said...

Hey! Congratulations on your house!! Hlow exciting!! I really hope we have the chance to get together! Brenley just loves you... she says you're so funny!! Well, I'll have to get your number and we'll plan something. :)

Tyler and Heather said...

PS. Sorry about the spelling... its hard to write and hold a baby all at once! ;) I'm sure you'll find out!