May 1, 2014

Mommy Daughter Date

So Thursday's Lance usually doesn't have to be at the clinic till 3 so today I took K with me to SAMs club just her and me! 

It was the first time we had a mommy daughter time outside of the house! I forget how easier it is to me now to just take 1 kid to the store! We had a blast! After wards we shared a frozen yogurt and she loved it! A bunch of old ladies walked by saying how cute she was. She was sitting on top of the table and I was sitting in front of her and she kept giving me hugs and kisses and then started feeding me the frozen yogurt! It was adorable! I love spending one on one time with her! She's been throwing tantrums and screaming and hitting sister a lot so we are trying to figure out what to do and Lances mom suggested taking just her somewhere to spend mommy and K time together! I have been extra careful and mindful about giving her attention and helping her use words or signs to communicate! And the last 3 days she's been super great with Baby Em and less screaming!!:) I'm hoping it continues to improve as we figure out how to communicate to each other where we both understand what she wants! But I feel like we are in the right direction! I just wish I got a picture of our date today! Oh well these will have to do 
Sisterly love
K was taking selfies:)

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