April 27, 2014

So much to do!!

The past few weeks I have had so much to do!! Adjusting to having 2 kids is harder than I thought and I thought it would be tough!!  I feel like a failure as a mom though I am just starting to feel like I got it all together and then bam I'm back at square one! I have done a poor job prioritizing my time and I feel awful about that! I have noticed that if I'm nursing I have my phone with me checking emails fb Pinterest IG ect... And it's just to much! I'm not paying enough attention to Emily or Kensley when I do that! So I am going to only check that stuff at naptime and either early morning before they wake or after bedtime. 

I want to blog more and fb less I feel like I need to spend less time on my phone/iPad and more time in my scriptures and playing with my girls!! These baby blues have got to go!!! I need to make a change! 

So now that I got that off my chest hlheres a few pictures of my sweethearts


Melanie said...

You are NOT a failure! Being a Mom is hard - and it is HARD to adjust having more kids. You're girls are happy & healthy & that means you are doing a great job. :)

Nate and Brooke Adams said...

I agree. You are doing great. It also makes me feel better to know that there is another mom out there who is thinking and trying to work on the exact same thing as me. You are normal and amazing and things will get better as they get older.

Suzanne said...

I feel your pain! Though, I know you are a terrific mom, two kids are pretty tough. I'm just waiting for a normal daily schedule to put me back on track, but until then I know things will just be a little crazy. Hang in there!

McGee said...

Thank you mamas!! Your words uplift me!!!