December 17, 2013

Magic of Christmas

Elf on a shelf= I'm not a fan.
I know a lot of families who love this idea/ tradition but I'm not a fan. Why you ask? Well first it's creeps me out! 2. Got no time to move him/she around and or make messes or whatnot. 3. I'd rather do a more Christ centered tradition.

Now full discloser I was raised in a home that didn't have Santa. Often I hear people say to me oh that's so sad Santa was so fun and made Christmas so magical. Or tell me how since I didn't believe in Santa I lost some if the magic of Christmas. Been a great debate in our home of rather our kids will be Santa believers or not. I loved Christmas! As a kid Christmas was sooo magical!!! I could hardly sleep Christmas Eve knowing mom and dad were hard at work getting things prepared for Christmas morning!! I remember wondering what we would walk out to Christmas morning. I also remember waking up Christmas morning with an excitement only Christmas Day can bring!! I didn't think Santa came I thought mom and dad are done and ready for us to open gifts!!!! My parents never threated us that if we weren't good Santa would bring us coal or nothing they simply said if your naughty we won't get you the things on your Christmas list so we had to be on our best behavior because mom and dad are Santa!! We never had Santa decorations around the house we had a nativity. We had a count down to Christmas and wise men seek him still display we had the magic of Christmas in our home and knew that the true magic was the birth of our savior and being with family love and joy and service  not jolly old st nick. I don't feel deprieved and I am so glad my parents chose to raise us knowing they themselves were Santa. We knew how awesome our parents were because on Christmas all the gifts were from them! They knew us and loved us and it was from some old man at the North Pole. I wouldn't have had it any other way. I am glad Lance had Santa and I love that people have their traditions I am in no way saying Santa is evil or takes away the true meaning of Christmas I honestly think people can choose what they want to do in their home. But I would hope that they know even if your not a believer of Santa no magic is lost at Christmas! I love this time of year! I can't wait to see kensleys expressions when she opens her gifts!! Kids bring such a magic to Christmas!!


Stacie said...

Haha. I love this. Kevin and I hate Elf on a Shelf too. Though we probably don't have as legitimate of reasons. We mostly hate it because we're snobbish and it's trendy.

I like your ideas though about making Christmas magical as a family-centered event and not because you believe some creepy old man sneaks into your house.

Rach said...

So the thing about Santa, is he isn't a person, he is an idea. He is a type of Christ. He give us gifts the way that Christ gave us the most important gift of all. He embodies the idea of service and love at Christmas time the same way that Christ does. I get the no Santa idea to center the holiday on Christ, but I also have to say that Santa is wonderful, if you teach your kids correctly about him. As our kids get bigger they will still believe in Santa and know that Mamo and Daddy are his helpers the same way we are the helpers of our fellow men and followers of Christ.