December 7, 2013

What's in a name?

Well I didn't blog every day in November:(  after we left for arizona I was busy and then got sick and then Had a teething sick baby :( it was a rough couple of weeks with little sleep!  But I am feeling a lot better and little miss is sleeping better and feeling better too! Still teething but most of the teeth have broken through all 5 of them!!! Crazy!

However in this time we have finally agreed on a name for new baby girl!! But first I must start out with the names we have picked out since Kensley was in my tummy. 

First we love family names!

Kensley's full name is Kensley Noel 

Noel is lances fathers middle name and grandmas maiden name we pronounce it like the Christmas carol to make it feminine. :)  

Our boy names are named after Lance. That's all I'm saying for now.

Now our second girls name that we loved after the ultrasound Lance wasn't sure about. Well after many weeks of trying to figure out what names he likes we finally have decided on a name. the same name we picked but a different middle name .....drumroll please...............................................

Emily Tawnya 

Emily being my great grandmothers middle name ( moms side) who passed away in February of 1999 at the age of 101 and Tawnya being my sweet oldest sisters name who was born February 5th 1980 she is our family's February baby. This little miracle is due in the same month as her aunt Tawnya and her papa johnston was born February 12th. My favorite aunt Judy returned to heaven February 3rd 2012 so February is very dear to me! I strongly feel that Aunt Judy had a hand in getting this sweet baby girl to us so soon:) and what a more beautiful month for her to come then February!  So come February we will have the honor of meeting and holding our precious Emily Tawnya McGee.

I am so excited for February!!!!

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