January 20, 2014


2013 in review

Lance- started tri 5 passed it and passed 1st rounds of boards, Grandpa McGee returned to heaven and we got to go to his funeral which was beautiful. He has rocked Tri 6 and Tri 7!!  Lance is so excited to be done with book work and going to clinic for the next year! 

Kensley- hit a lot of milestones in 2013 she learned how to sit, stand, crawl, walk and say a few words like mama, daddy, hi, daisy, no, kitty, pain-plane, baby.  She sleeps through the night and seriously is such an easy baby/kid! We are so blessed! She is such a good eater and loved to give hugs and kisses and blow kisses! It's super cute!

Me- 2013 started out tough with tri5 and boards I hardly saw lance and got a good feel off single parenting. Respect to you all single parents! Summer found me pregnant!!! Such a huge surprise and miracle!!  And then we found out baby is a girl!!  We are so excited to welcome a 2nd little girl into our family!!

2013 was good! Great! 2014 is gonna be awesome! Emily arrives k turns 2 lance graduates we move back to az!! 

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