November 6, 2013

One week

7 days till Kensley and I fly to Arizona for a week!!! Hooray!! Haven't seen my family since the end of April!!! We get to watch my sister run in her first Ironman!!! Super excited for her!!! So excited to meet my new nephew Captain and see the rest of my arizona babies!! Plus kensley and Lucy are gonna be so fun to watch together!! Only 7.5 months apart!!! Let the good times roll!! I'm beyond excited and beyond stressed to fly with her by myself and see how she does cause let's face it she only flew twice and it was when she was a baby who nursed and slept the whole way!!!:/ I'm a little anxious about that. So anyone reading this please say a prayer for me!! For us!!:) thanks!!!

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Melanie said...

If she doesn't use a pacifier take a sucker- someone told me that & it is a life saver. It helps their ears pop with the pressure change.