August 4, 2013

What to eat, what not to eat?.....

So with both pregnancies I have had 'morning' sickness. But more accurately it should be called pregnancy sickness because its not always in the am ect. Anyways I have made a list for future reference for myself as we'll as you mothers/ mothers to be / flu catchers as to what tastes good coming up and what doesn't. 

Does taste good.      Doesn't taste good.
Fruit smoothie.             Chipotle burrito
Juice.                            Salad/lettuce
Ice cream.                      Pasta
Peaches                         Alfalfa tablets
Scramble eggs.             Egg burrito 
 Mashed potatoes          Hamburger
Milkshake.                      Water
                                      French fries

Please feel free to add to either side of the list. 

Also eat what your craving 9 times out of 10 you won't throw it up! Don't wait to long to eat something and add Lemon juice to ice cold water and brush your pearly whites after each episode of up chucking ;) I'm so grateful I don't throw up my whole pregnancy cause my heart goes out to all you ladies who do! No fun! But at least it's worth it in the end!! Plus for me it's a great sign that things are healthy!! So I don't mind the temporary discomfort as long as baby is healthy!:) but I am looking forward to feeling like myself again! 12 weeks now and hoping the light at the end of the tunnel is coming soon!!!:)  

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