July 26, 2013

Don't be sorry, I'm not.

So the big news is out! Kensley is gonna be a big sister!!!!
I am so excited! We are so excited! We never thought it could happen so soon and so easy! We thought we would actively start trying after Kensley turned one. But I did pray that I would live it if I was already pregnant by the time we started trying! Well my prayers were answered! After feeling like crap for a couple of days I took a HPT thinking and knowing it would be negative but to my utter surprise 2 lines and it was positive!! Lance didn't even know I was taking a test cause I'm a POASA pee on a stick addict. So that was June 5th! I just finally got in to see the doctor yesterday and baby looks great 168bpm heart rate and everything looks great!! I felt like it would be since my morning sickness has not let up at all and I have been barfing dry heaving and super super neaseous!! Which is a great sign and so worth it! So please no need to say I'm sorry. I would gladly puke everyday of my pregnancy if it meant that at the end I have a healthy baby! Thankfully I stopped barfing after 15 weeks with. Kensley! So I'm guessing I have another month of it but that's a ok with me! I am so excited to be pregnant again and have a little miracle join our family February 15th 2014!!! Yes K and baby #2 will be 17 months apart! :) so excited!!!!!!


Melanie said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! We are so excited for you guys! :)

Anonymous said...

this is wonderful news! congratulations!