August 19, 2013

Finals week!!!

It's that time again!! The end if yet another trimester!!! Woot woot!!! I live for these breaks! I'm not even the one in school and in all honesty tri 6 has been pretty nice. I have seen lance more this tri than any other tri! :) He is doing amazing like always! Seriously it amazes me how much he has learned and all he knows! I am not going to lie its a turn on! I am married to a genius! A sexy genius;)
One more week and I get my hubby back! 2 weeks! It's going to fly! I still can't believe we're half way done with August!! I am excited for cooler weather fall holidays and my sweet Kensley's first birthday!! Where has 2013 gone!!? Excited for the break and
September!!!:) enjoy the pictures of kensley and her new favorite thing to do play outside in the yard and porch...puffs and daisy.

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