June 16, 2013

Fathers Day

I feel beyond blessed to have had such wonderful men in my life. First off My Dad. He is seriously the best dad I could have asked for. In fact I know I chose him before I came to earth. I am amazed by him I loved all our camping memories, building a log Cain play house for us girls, making Barbie dresses for me, letting me put hair clips and make up on him, running triathlon's with him, the turkey trot every year , he taught me how to pitch a softball, to slide and how to shoot a free throw and basically the rules of basketball, he cheered me on in both sports and always got after me for my poor math grades!  He was my personal math tutor for a while. He let me go on all the school trips- San Diego, San Fran, Washington, D.C., New York /Boston, he took his girls to New York to see wicked on broadway! Best trip ever!!! He has ran 2 or 3 iron mans and loves canyoneering he just might be the best in shape 59yr old I know! He has taught me a lot in life and the two things I remember the most is 1. Love conquers all 2. The only difference between a stepping stone and a stumbling block is how high you lift your foot. 

Happy Fathers Day Dad!! I love you thissss much-------------------------------;)

Now to the man I get to call Dad since the day I married his son. I by far have the greatest best father in law ever!!!! He makes me feel like his daughter and not an in law from day 1!  He is so fun to be around and so sweet with his grand kids! I am so blessed to have him in my life and that he is Kensley's Papa! I will never forget our cruise to Alaska and how much fun it was with them! Even if he did accidentally cough/sneezed lemonade across the table right in my face. bahahaha I still remember thinking .(..mind you Lance and I had only been married for a year at this time....) I didn't know what happen or if I should laugh or cry! Lol I of course ended up laughing so hard seeing my Dad in law laughing with the reddest face ever! Good times. He is a great example of how Dads should be so its no surprised he raised a son who makes a great Dad himself.....thank you dad!

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree Lance is an incredible Father and soo sweet with Kensley I have never doubted for one second if he would make a good dad. I saw him with his cousins and my nieces and nephews and have known he would be a great Dad. With that said he still amazes me with just how great of a dad he is! kensley has him wrapped around his finger since day 1!  I love watching him and her play! He is so good with her and soo sweet! kensley is sooo lucky to have such a wonderful man as her father.  Happy Fathers Day to my handsome baby Daddy!! ;)

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