June 3, 2013

A Marvelous work and a Wonder...

So we realized we didn't pack a lot of our church books for Texas! Lance has a great collection but we downsized for Texas. However we decided that reading A marvelous work and A wonder by LeGrand Richards together is a good choice anyways. Ian really excited we are reading a chapter a night together and should be done with it by the end of this month:) so far I have learned a lot. I know 3 days into June and I have already learned a lot. I really like this book! Plus it's nice reading a book with my Love. 6 years we have been married and its the first time we have done this! Lol better late than never right.

It's been a fun experience between reading the conference talks together and now this book it's the most churchish thing we have done together in a consistent manner. I have noticed different changes in our relationship and have noticed I'm a lot more laid back and less cranky and flustered lol. Lance is very mindful of me not that he wasn't before but more now. Glad we are doing this together. 
I feel very lucky to have a spouse who is so willing to do things with me even things that some might feel not would be boring but its not cause lance makes everything better and fun:) 
Life is short. Enjoy it.

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