February 6, 2012

Our Loss, Heaven's Gain....

Their are dates everyone remembers 9-11 12-07 09-17 ext...and then there are those personal dates that are unique for every person 04/20/99 the day my grandpa J. died. 12/31/09 my Aunt Carol died. 05/18/07 I married my Best Friend 05/25/2006 graduated from High School ect...and the list goes on I added a new date I'll never forget and I wish it was a pleasant date..02/04/12 the day I got the news that my Sweet Aunt Judy passed away.

You see Aunt Judy wasn't just an "Aunt" she was a best friend a sister and a second Mom to me. She is the Woman who showed me how to wear make-up, to serve others to laugh at yourself because life is to short. She is who taught me what kind of Aunt I wanted to be. She never had kids of her own so she loved us like we were her own.

With all the infertility issues I've been through She is who helped me know that You don't have to birth a child to be A Mother. She was the PERFECT example of that. Her example helped me through some of my toughest times and when I lost my babies she cried with me and held me.

Aunt Judy came to every choir concert, every play, every graduation, wedding ect... She was there for everything. Family dinners, Sunday dinners and every thanksgiving she brought the stuffing the best stuffing! To say she will be missed is such an understatement but how do I explain in words just how much My Heart hurts and aches for her to be with me and my family right now... smiling and laughing.  She was an amazing woman and her absence has caused a void in my life. I am grateful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and I know I will see her again and I know she is watching over us now. but it still hurts that she is not here to give a hug or here to hear her laughing. But I look forward to the great reunion that will be when we are all again together as a family in Heaven.

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