January 18, 2011

These 2 Beautiful figures from WillowTree are 2 of my favorites and Lance picked them out for me for Christmas the left is called "Together"-for those who have found their true partner in love and life. the one on the right my favorite "Promise" -Hold dear the promise of Love. this one I opened first and just cried. it melted my heart and was the perfect gift this season.

the two in the middle are dear to me. so very very dear to me.
after I went to the dr. and was told I had a complete miscarriage and lost our baby I for some dumb reason thought I was fine to go back to work but I wasn't and I drove to the one person I needed a hug from. My Mom. for some reason her embrace is just magic. It was Dec 9th 2 days before my birthday and Mom had my gifts already wrapped. She said that today I could open my gifts and she gave me the
Angel of Harmony-In harmony with life's rhythm
who is playing the flute and Surrounded by Love -Abundant love surrounds you and we both cried because she didn't know what would happen that day but her sweet spirit picked the two I needed the most:) we both ended up crying and she said she was sorry for making me cry it was suppose to make me feel better. and they did. I love Willow Tree's I forgot how much I loved them and am so glad and so grateful for Susan Lordi and her amazing beautiful talent.


Ashlee G. said...

Oh Britt, I'm so sorry for your loss. I love these, they are beautiful.

Stephanie C. said...

I'm so sorry, Brittany. You are such an amazing person. I pray for you that you will be blessed with a beautiful baby because I know you will be a wonderful mother.

Joseph gave me the Promise figure for our first Valentine's Day together. He said it represented how he always wants to hold me. Then his parents gave us the Together one for our first Christmas as a married couple. I love those figures. They are in my living room.