January 18, 2011

2011-Life Happens

The Beautiful Copa Sunset! Gotta Love Arizona! :) With it being 2011 this year has lots in store for the McGee family :) and as I was looking back at the Past 4 years of our life together a huge smile comes to my face its crazy how much has happen with in those 4 years!
We have lived in 4 different cities
1. Holbrook 2. Tucson 3. Mesa and 4. Maricopa
The places we lived in have been the basement of Lance parents house, 2 Appartments and 1 House.
we have been employed by Hopi Art, Gap, Geico direct, UPS, Wells Fargo, Lifestyle Balance, Geico GFR, and Grand Canyon University ( so I've had several jobs since lance has had only 3 out of the 8 lol)
We have been enrolled in 4 different Colleges
Pima community( YUCK) UofA, Westwood, and Grand Canyon University
Tragedy hit and we almost lost our awesome Brother in Law but have seen countless Miracles!
got pregnant and then had our hearts broken:(
Bought our first car together , had our car stolen and then recovered, sold our first car, bought our first truck.
been in 4 car accidents,(just me) been on 3 Cruises and our 4th is booked(yay!!) got a puppy who is like our Child.
Got 3 new neices :)
had one family member pass away. (love you Aunt Carol )
I would say alot has happen in those years! Its crazy to think about all that stuff but not a day goes by that I don't Thank my lucky stars and My Heavenly Father that I was able to go through all of this hand in hand with my Sweetheart right next to me:) Its been a Great Journey and I look forward to all the years to come!

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