January 12, 2011

So This is The New Year.....

Today is my Dear sweet amazing Mother in law's Birthday! She is pretty much amazing and I feel SOOO blessed to have her as my second Mom. plus she did an amazing Job Raising her Son! seriously this woman can do just about anything! One day when I am bopping out babies and Lance is a Nurse and we are living in Holbrook I will have her teach me her mad skills! :)

I still can't believe its actually 2011! so crazy!

Lance has an interview for a manager position tomorrow and I am so excited for him! just wish it was in Maricopa but Chandler ain't bad! :)

Can I just say I can't wait to Graduate...and no it won't be this year! but I'm one year closer! woot woot! :) nothing much has been going on just the norm. we got our new years goals all written down and I am soo excited!

I need to get my pictures off my Camera! so I can post pictures! maybe next time.

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