October 30, 2010


Well I had my Dr's checkup appointment today with my blood test results and the great "yearly checkup" My Test results were great! Dr. E or more like PA. E was very impressed :) my gluclose blood levels were totally normal!!! yay! So she asked ME what would you like to do? and I said well what are my options :) so 20 minutes later I had a prescription for 3 months of Metformin :) so with fingers crossed and Lots of Faith she dissmissed me and said I will see you in 3 months but I sure hope I see you sooner cause that would mean you had a postive pregnancy test! lol another reason I love Dr. E her amazing optimism that doesn't come across of getting my hopes up.

So we shall see if I am one who does well with Metformin. with fingers crossed and lots of prayers we shall see :)

ROY is home! Its so great to see him home where he belongs!
I am in my last week of BIOLOGY!! yay!!! on to intro to philosophy and ethics and general phycology! so excited for the next 7 weeks! woot woot!

busy busy busy but I wouldn't change a thing.

it will be a while before I post again I am sure since I am doubling up on classes and will have no time for blogging! lol


Ashlee G. said...

I'm currently taking metformin and am hoping that it gets me to where I need to be soon too!

Best of luck for you, keep us all posted!

Wendi and Matt said...

Good Luck! But I am sure you don't need it :)

The Cooper Family said...

Oh that's so exciting!!! I'm for sure be pryaing for you!!!