November 15, 2010


Its the Month of November and It has had me thinking of all my MANY MANY Blessings and how Grateful I am to Have them. I felt like I have complained far to much on this blog and I wanted to make sure I wasn't losing site of what its all about.

In high schoool I had a Great teacher, friend and Mentor also known as Mr 'H' always tell me " Its all about Love" I'm 90 % sure he is one of the people in my life that taught me SOOO much about LIFE and how to live it besides my family members.

I am very grateful to have had the chance to know him.
I am grateful for the Heritage Academy and for the many blessings and amazing friends it has given me.

for my parents who gave me my life and my childhood and the sweet moments of Ice skating in central park on Christmas :) That trip by far was the greatest Trip I have ever had! thank you for showing me how Love never Dies and how LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS :) for believing in me and for supporting me and loving me no matter what. Thankyou mom and dad for coming to my rescue so many times!! and for putting up with my super dramatic hyper personality :) You guys are the greatest parents any daughter could ask for. :)

For my Parents in-law who feel like my very own parents :) for raising such a wonderful son who honors his priesthood, opens the door for his wife and always tells me he loves me. I know he learned his amazing traits from you both and I can't express just how much my heart respects and appreciates you both for being his parents and for all the love and support you have for us. Thank you for loving eachother and being affecionate to one another so that your son would learn from your example.

For my siblings who are my Best Friends! and have helped me be the person I am today! All of you were so willing to let me tag along no matter what and that meant the world to me :) for donuting peoples houses, chicken feeting them, sneeking out of the house to watch "a walk to remember", for "saint" tifying peoples yards ;), for letting my see her ring first! :), for late night talks, for the laughs, for the tears, for sneezing on ones bare legs .. :) I love you all so much!

For My dear Friends who were my sisters in the precistence you know who you are. I feel so grateful to have had the honor of knowing you here on earth. Thank you for understanding me and for loving me.

last but NOT LEAST My sweet Husband who has made my life what it is today :) for taking me to the temple :) for loving me even when I am crazy with baby fever or hormones out of wack. for opening my door kissing me goodbye in the morning and kissing me goodnight :) for never yelling at me. For being my better half. for making me laugh sooo hard my face and tummy hurt! for being my Best Friend in who I would drop everything to hang out with :) For understanding that Heavenly Father knows what he is doing and always letting me see the bigger picture.

with the whole feritily issues it has brought me and lance so much closer and has made me so grateful for the time we had and will have together:) and I am honesly ok with that. Heavenly Father has blessed me with so much that some times I wonder why of all the things he has given us I constantly focus on the one thing he hasn't. Miracles happen and we will get our miracle when we are ready to recieve it. and that will be a perfec day. but for now I will cherish every moment i have! especially with Lance :)

Happy Thanksgiving:)


jack+alli said...

such a sweet & touching post :)
happy thanksgiving!

JPK said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing and reminding me of some things I am thankful for~

Ashlee G. said...

You have such an amazing spirit hon. You are a great example to me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mr. Superman & Mrs. S. said...

I loved this. So sweet Britt!