February 5, 2010

To Tawnya on her 30th Birthday...

Dear Sister,

Growing up I always wondered what you would be doing if you were here with us. What kind of friends would you have? Would you let me tag along with you like Kristy and Nikki did? what would be your hobbies? Would you have a boyfriend in highschool? What would your husband be like? How many kids would you have!? Today you turn 30! I hope you can see how Mom and Dad have been so strong during all of this. I know they miss you and wonder what you would be doing if you were here with us on earth. I know there is a reason for everything in the this life and I don't know why you had to leave this earth so fast but I am grateful to have you helping us on the other side. I bet Your Beautiful! Just like the rest of us sisters ;) I still remember the day I swear I saw you in the living room in the Mirror. I wish my memory was better because back then I could close my eyes and see that face again but now I don't. I wish we could have played together here. I bet I choose to be the last to come so I could spend more time with you in Heaven before I came to Earth. Kristy names her little girl after you! but of course you already know that. You would be proud of what a Great job Kristy has done as the "oldest sister" she is amazing. I hope you liked the Daisies I left for you in Young. Thank you for being our little angel and for protecting our family. I love you so much! tell Grandpa Johnston I said Hi! and Tell Aunt Carol I'm jealous she gets to spend time with you now :) and please keep a close eye on Grandpa Coleman we want to keep him here as long as possible but Healthy. I'm sure you are watching out for him already. please tell Nikki's kids she is waiting to hold them in her arms! and to come anytime now! and could you give my kids an extra hug from their Mom who is waiting and who is excited for them to come when they are ready. I love you Tawnya! I am so glad we get to be together forever as a family. You have blessed our lives forever and I LOVE YOU! Thank you for all those moments that I have felt you near. I bet Heaven throws one awesome party!

With Lots of Love,

Your Littlest Sister

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G-Unit said...

Brittany, you are amazing. That made me cry. You have always been a true example to me, and you still are. I don't know what happened to Tawnya but I do know that she is very lucky to have an awesome sister like you. It's good to know that there is a Johnston looking out for all of us :-)

Happy Birthday Tawnya!