February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day....

I've never been big on Vday...like ever.. but I figured since I'm posting on Vday I should at least mention it. Well life has been busy and we have been sick and thats never fun but we did get to hang out with Lance's family this weekend which was nice I jsut wish we could have felt better. but then if Lance was feelin' better we would have been in Mexico this weekend with our Great Friends! but a Rain Check was accepted! so I look forward to next time!

So my Family came out a few weeks ago and my sister game me a great idea about my living room cause my mirror wall was bugging me and so I changed it up and I like it alot better now! went to Hobby Lobby which I LOVE! seriously HOBBY LOBBY IS AMAZING! so here are the pictures of my living room. and of the Eiffel Tower I got to put in our 2nd bathroom its are travel theme bathroom and i had to throw in a picture of Dasiy who needs to go to the Groomers ASAP!

oh and we got a tread mill for 25 bucks and its barely used so I AM VERY EXCITED about that! i have family pictures in March some time and I really wanna look good in the pictures! oh and ps I LOVE THE OLYMPICS! GO TEAM USA!

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MarshandKrissy said...

hey we just got a treadmill too! you want to do a "get fit" thing against each other?! We can get fit for Mexico :-) Love the wall, love daisy's new haircut...love the pic! Oh and can I say Love the Olympics...what else? LOL