January 29, 2010

1st Hockey Game EVER!

So my work had tickets to the Coyotes game and I have never been to one and Lance and my sister Monica have said that the games are so much fun live and the fights are awesome . Lance didn't get off work till 6 so he stayed in maricopa and I went with my co workers, it was fun we went to Margarritaville which i had a california chicken sandwich and it was sooo yummy!!! i kept wanting to cheer and Christie my co worker kept laughing at me because i kept telling her i wanted to get on the BIG screen and she laughed and said Brittany I didn't drink that much! and i laughed harder cause for some reason i can make a foul out of my self sober and not care:) i just like to have fun:) anyways the game was ok much better then watching it on tv but didn't get to see any cool fights:( and it was missing my better half and so i was a little lost and kept having to ask Marc what was going on and what the fouls meant and what not lol but it was fun to go with my Co-workers Marc and his wife Ashley and Christie ...ps i still have yet to figure out how to load pictures where i want them to go...

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