January 2, 2010


Well 2010 has started out crazy! lol we came home yesterday at 12:30ish in the morning to find cop cars blocking out street and we told the officer we were the house on the corner and if it would be ok if we just drove to our house they said no we have to park on the side of our house on the corner well when we were walking up cops were on our drive way taking pictures and we saw a good amount of blood....yes blood on our drive way i guess our neighbors had a party and it turned into a HUGE fight 15-20 people fighting and most of the blood was on our drive way crazy...yes..... anyways that was eventful! we had Madi and Nik over too which was fun!

this is the 2nd year though that it start/ends with me going to a funeral. last year i believe it was 12/30 i attending one of my favorite young women leaders funeral and it was so beautiful its gonna sound wired but it was the best funeral i have ever been to the spirit was so strong and it was just sooooo beautiful i still remmember the feeling i had that day. and now 12/31 my dear Aunt Carol passed away she is now walking and dancing in heaven and for the first time in over 25 years out of pain. I know she is rejoycing. its weird to think that i have an aunt that is in heaven now....she is the first of my aunts or uncles to pass on. her funeral is on the 8th and its just so crazy. we knew this day would come since she had not been doing well but its weird to think i won't see her at the reunions i won't get to hear her sweet stories of what book she is ready or have her ask me to braid her hair or have her tell me that she is old enough to be my mom though she doesn't look like it :) she aged well :) over and over again i count my blessings for the gospel and how we will be together forever.. and how Christ made that possible how grateful i am to my parents, family members, friends, seminary teachers, institute teachers, primary, yw, sunday school teachers who have taught me the prinicples of the gospel. I know I will see Aunt Carol and even my Grandpa and my Big Sis Tawnya again and that reunion will be ever so sweet.
Happy New Years! Enjoy the time you have with the ones you Love:)

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