November 6, 2009

PCOS Update

I am warning you now that this post is about Girly health stuff and if you don't want to know stop reading this post.

Ok so I Have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) found that out last summer and Finally in October Aunt Flow FINALLY came to visit!! in which I cried because I was sooooo HAPPY! never have been so happy to have her visit in my whole life and I will never complain about having her visit ever again! i actually was enjoying my cramps because I knew that meant I was on my period! ya I know I'm crazy but oh well! and then here again November comes around and Aunt Flow is here again! I could just scream out with excitment! I am so excited!! after working out, watching what I eat, getting acupunture done and taking tons and tons of different vitamins and herbs I got my period with out drugs! drugs as in perscribtion drugs! yay for the natural medicine! I am so grateful! so anyways thats the update with my health condition stuff! I am feeling tons and tons better!

Lance is still at the bank and enjoying it hopefully he can get transfered to Maricopa!!! I am really enjoying GEICO! The Lord has Blessed us soooo much!! We are still in the Primary teaching the CTR6 class and on the activites committee now we both are members! Loving it! Our Ward is Awesome! The Sky is Blue the Gospel is true I love you and God does too! :)


Stacie Lou said...

Good! I'm happy for you, Britt. There's hope!

Wendi and Matt said...

That is great! You are awesome, I hope you get some babies on the way :)