November 11, 2009

Home Projects!

ok so I am still trying to figure out how these pictures all work when you upload them! ok so top picture is our Pomegranate that grow on our tree! Ya it was little and not yummy but its a good start!
The living room Curtains / sheets I didn't want to pay an arm and a leg for curtins for the living room so I went on and got sheets! wish I got more but its all good :) It was fun!
Thats the guest room paint job! it was so much fun and I really like it! its some before and after pictures of the guest room :)
and thats been the latest home projects! I finally used my sewing machine for the first time on Sat. after 2 years of having it! lol I finally got thread for it and I'm wanting to do a quilt sooooo bad! however I am trying to think of some good ideas/ easy ideas of doing it :) which means I need to call my Mom aka Lance's Mom(its weird to say mother in law because I seriously feel like she is MY mom..) who is amazing with a sewing machine and basicly everything else! one of these days she will teach me all her amazing talents seriously she amazes me with her talent and creative ideas! I love her so much! for all of you who don't know her you are missing out on knowing an incredible woman! and those who do know her know what I am talking about :)


Foutz Family said...

You did such a great job with your house! It make me want to start over with mine.
And Nan is amazing!!! I'm so lucky to have her as a sister!

Wendy said...

When you get Nan to teach you let me know so I can learn with you. I always have her do my projects for me. It's much less stressfult hat way.