August 21, 2008

My Babies

So of course everyone always askes us when we are going to have babies and since we have moved into our house its gotten worse I don't mind when people ask but its moments like these in the photos that make me wish I already had one! However I am not saying i'm baby hungary but my nieces and nephews are very much like my very own babies! i got to play with all 4 of them 2 weeks ago while there parents went to a YTB convention and Grandma watched them and I visited them each day!:) Tonya and Landon had the greatest time together that week! Landon is so good with Ton Ton they were so fun to watch and i love sleeping pictures! so here are two of my favorite niece and nephew my other two favorite were at school:)

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The Fish Family said...

Those are come cute babies!! And I would definitely have to agree about Lance and Ron. I have always thought that they were so much a like. We always loved going over to Lance's house to watch movies because Ron would literally cater to us and bring us all sorts of goodies!!! Your house is looking great. Hopefully I will get to see it some day. Take care and I will talk to you later. Love ya!