May 15, 2013

Quality time as a couple.

I have been trying to think of things that will help build and strengthen our marriage and relationship towards each other.
Lance and I are the kind of couple who just have tons of fun together no matter what we are doing. We are each others best friends and the whole no secrets in our relationship works well. People know if you tell me not to say anything I won't but Lance doesn't count he is like a branch of me .. I guess that's one way to describe it. Anyways we have a good relationship but with every relationship if your not actively working on it caring for it nurturing it. Then what are you doing? I had the lesson in yw on Sunday and one of the topics was - how can I strengthen your testimony?
We have all heard the plant a seed/ testimony comparison. So we decided that once a week we would read a conference talk together from this last conference. We have been trying to think of ways to 'fireproof' our marriage and thought this a good idea for us to grow in the gospel together. Cause let's face it when people get married they don't think yeah in x amount of years we're probably gonna get divorced. It can happen in any marriage. Lance and I don't want that happening to ours and we will work our best to insure it doesn't by putting in the time and work now. I'm am excited!

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