January 25, 2013

This Really is My Life

      After so many years of trying and  thinking I might just not have a baby in this life after all and losing hope and having many heart breaks and then picking myself back up and holding on to Lance's Faith that everything was going to work out and we would get our baby! I still can't believe that I have a baby.
      A year ago yesterday I heard her heartbeat for the first time! It was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my life (up until I heard her cry.)  I am amazed everytime I go get her out of her crib that she is mine! her sweet giggles and smiles melt my heart! Or when she falls asleep in my arms I wish I could hold her forever! I just want to squeeze her!!! This little baby of mine is just soo precious! She was worth the wait! I will never understand the why's of things that happened but thats okay because in my heart I know that the things I went through were preparing me for this moment. The moment I became Kensley's Mama. She is truly our rainbow baby and such a miracle and joy in our lives! I still laugh at myself everytime I still get choked up when I'm holding her or feeding her or hear her laugh. Its silly really its been 4.5 months now and I still can't keep the water works in control! In the quiet of the night when I sneek in to check on her my heart melts and I say in my head "This really is my life!" I'm not dreaming.
      We are so blessed to have this little miracle in our home and she has brought so much joy and peace into our lives. I like to go through her pictures at night and see how she has grown! I just love her soo much! So here are some pictures enjoy!
 So tiny!
 She really is Daddy's Girl
 Sleeping beauty
 before she got chunky!

 She is such a snuggle bug!
 The sleepy CandyCorn!
 Happy Girl
 Chillin' with Daddy
 Tummy Time!
 Melts my Heart
Moments like these are just so sweet!!!
I still can't believe a year ago she was just a little bean in my tummy!

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