January 15, 2013

Getting there

So it's been 2 weeks since I started the taislim challenge and I am feeling great! So far I lost almost 10lbs ( 9.8) and 20 inches !! I have been hitting the gym at night when k is sleeping and lance is home. Yesterday I was at a friends house watching kids while she picked a friend up at the airport and I didn't lose my breath or felt like dying when I was running/ chasing after them! It's the small victories that mean a lot! Lol I love getting back in shape and I am loving taislim! Lbhealth.freelife.com has all the info about the shakes and products I'm using and about the challenge!!:) here's to more milestones!

1 comment:

Kiara Tenney said...

Keep it up Brittany! That is so awesome!