September 8, 2012

Waiting for the Arrival

Well  last Thursday at my Doctors appointment started out like any other...go into the lab room for weight and blood pressure all good and then into the room with the big black chair to get on the fetal monitor :) then after what seems like 30 ish minutes into the exam room I go to wait for Dr. B  to see me :) She wanted to check to see my progression the week before I was 2.5 cm and 0% effaced.....well as of Thursday I was 3.5 ish and she said She could push a 4 so she said she would help me along so she did! holy pressure like no other! not very comfortable that is for sure but I was happy she didn't say how much effaced I was only that I was and that was a good sign and then she asked me when my induction date was scheduled? I told her I had no idea what she was talking about and she was all oh my goodness we don't have it scheduled yet! you'll be 39 weeks next week and I don't let my GD patients go past 39 weeks! So she said unless she comes before Thursday September 13th I am scheduled to get induced! needless to say Since Thursday We have been going on tons and tons of walks!! I gotta get this little one out! lol I would really like for her to come on her own but either way its nice to know that by the 13th we will have our baby!!! yay!!  So this is our last weekend with out a baby and I am sooo excited!!!  My Mama flies in on Monday unless Kensley comes today or tomorrow lol So we shall see when Kensley comes! :) I am one very anxious Mama here!

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