April 1, 2012

Motherhood comes in many ways...

This month's Ensign has an amazing article that touched my heart!  here is the link for the full version

amazing talk

This article brought tears to my eyes as I could relate very much to it! It also made me think of my Dear amazing Aunt Judy and how she didn't bear any children of her own but she was a Mother to many and a great example to me of what it means to be a Woman.

 In the article the last paragraph sums it all up

"While some women live in homes where opportunities for motherhood abound and even overwhelm, I live a life where opportunities for motherhood must be sought. My motherhood is found in serving others. Of course I still am disappointed that I haven’t had the opportunity to raise children of my own, but Heavenly Father has not left me childless. My children are all around me, providing me with precious, though less typical, opportunities for motherhood."

We don't get to pick when we will have the chance to raise kids in our home but that doesn't make any of us less of a woman! My Aunt was the perfect example of this! When you wonder if you'll ever get the chance to  Give birth to your own child or have a birthmother choose you and your hubby to place her child with or your looking for the one to spend your life with and start a family. That day will come It might be longer than we all expected but it will come. My Aunt Judy taught me a huge lesson in life and I finally didn't mind Mothers day at church because My Aunt Judy was another Mom to me and I would wish her a happy mothers day as well and thats when I realized that I didn't need to bear a child to let people know I was a mother or a woman. I had opportunities in my life of Motherhoood and yes they were sought after for sure but thats okay. I like being my Nephew's favorite Aunt :) I love all of my Nieces and Nephew's so much and I think more because of my journey.

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